Our team is made up of a diverse group of professionals with a wide range of expertise in youth development and program delivery, nonprofit management, fund development, financial management, and more. Together, we aim to provide responsive programs and services of the highest quality to the youth in our community.

Senior Leadership Team

James R. Hoyt, Jr., Chief Executive Officer
jhoyt@bgcpawt.org, ext. 815

Bob Carney, Finance Director
bcarney@bgcpawt.org, ext. 813

Amy Chaunt, Director of Development & Communications
achaunt@bgcpawt.org, ext. 816

Cherima Folston, Director of Operations
cfolston@bgcpawt.org, ext. 814

Our Team

Amy Abajian, Grants & Development Manager
aabajian@bgcpawt.org, ext. 849

Kimberly Bastos, Finance Assistant
kbastos@bgcpawt.org, ext. 812

Lea Berard, Transportation Coordinator
lberard@bgcpawt.org, ext. 819

Pierre Charles, Teen Program Manager
pcharles@bgcpawt.org, ext. 831

Sheila DosSantos, Pre-Teen Program Coordinator
sdossantos@bgcpawt.org, ext. 817

Allison Girczyc, Marketing & Corporate Giving Manager
agirczyc@bgcpawt.org, ext. 824

Lauren Lastrina, Director of Sports, Fitness, Recreation & Camp
llastrina@bgcpawt.org, ext. 822

Shirley Marrero, Director of Pre-Teen Programs
smarrero@bgcpawt.org, ext. 827

Michele Metivier Jacobs, Billing & Data Entry Manager
mjacobs@bgcpawt.org, ext. 851

Enrique Newman, Director of Workforce Development & Teen Services
enewman@bgcpawt.org, ext. 832

Rachel Rabinowitz, Social Worker
rrabinowitz@bgcpawt.org, ext. 852

Annette Robinson, Office Manager
arobinson@bgcpawt.org, ext. 811

Brian Silva, Sports, Fitness & Recreation Coordinator
bsilva@bgcpawt.org, ext. 821

Arturo Russell, Director of Facilities
arussell@bgcpawt.org, ext. 828

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