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Q: What programs does the Boys & Girls Club of Pawtucket offer?

A: The Club has a wide variety of programs for pre-teens and teens designed to enrich the lives of our kids in five comprehensive categories... more »

Visual Arts

For the more reflective artists among our membership, we encourage individuals and groups to delve into the realm of the visual arts. Many of our youth display their artwork during the year at various local venues such as the Club and the Pawtucket Arts Festival. Staff and community artists provide instructional guidance.



From the sketch pad to the poster board and the canvas, our kids are stimulated by our staff and visiting artists from the community to express themselves in various, hand-created, artistic media. Club members learn basic and advanced techniques of brush and charcoal, depending on skill level and interest.


Throwing clay isn't what it sounds like. It has nothing to do with tossing clay around, but a lot to do with working and shaping the material on the potter's wheel to see personal creations come to life. From vases to pots, our kids learn the subtleties of hand crafting their own art while elevating self-esteem and developing an aesthetic eye.


Working exclusively with digital cameras, Club photographers learn to handle a camera like a musical instrument in order to bring the best out of it. But technical photographic proficiency is only the right-brained portion of the art. For the left - or creative side - staff and professional photographers teach our kids composition so that they'll learn to see the seemingly mundane creatively. Club photographs are exhibited regularly at the Club and in venues around the city.


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