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We depend on your support to promote our ability to save the lives of at-risk kids in Pawtucket, RI. We appreciate every gift, large and small. more ».
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Q: What programs does the Boys & Girls Club of Pawtucket offer?

A: The Club has a wide variety of programs for pre-teens and teens designed to enrich the lives of our kids in five comprehensive categories... more »

Quotes from Members/Parents

"The Club is like my second home. If I weren't here everyday then I'd just be hangin' out, maybe getting into trouble. I get to do fun things here. I get to see my friends." - Member

"I learn a lot at the Club. The people here have helped me get better grades because they help me understand my homework." - Member

"It's where I like to chill. I love music. I dance at the Club and rap and sing with my friends." - Member

"I play all sorts of games and sports. I like basketball, baseball, swimming and the games room too." - Member

"When I first moved here with my children, I learned from other parents in the community that the Boys and Girls Club of Pawtucket had many programs for the children. We joined right away."- Parent

"For me and my child the Club is a life saver. I don't know what I would do if it wasn't for the Club. It's a blessing for my family."- Parent

"My son plays sports, goes on field trips, takes photographs, does all sorts of things at the Club. It keeps him busy in a way that's good for him because he has fun even when he's learning."- Parent

"Every day, while I'm working, I feel that my children are in a safe place where they will learn and have fun. I don't worry at all about them when they are at the Club."- Parent

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